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Our comprehensive team includes professionals encompassing multiple facets of building design. We have architects, interior designers, technologists, planners, and sustainability experts allowing our company to provide excellent service on a broad range of projects. Our portfolio of work includes residential, hospitality, educational, industrial, health care and cultural projects, in both the private and public sectors. Known for our excellent design, expertise in building technology, and well coordinated documents, FBM takes pride in its work at all scales.



  • Shawn Doyle's Headshot

    Shawn Doyle

    Architectural Technologist, Envelope Lead

    902-429-4100 x 113

  • Greg Fry's Headshot

    Greg Fry

    Architectural Team Lead

    902-429-4100 x 108

  • Kieron Hunt's Headshot

    Kieron Hunt

    Planning Lead

    902-429-4100 x143

  • Amy MacDonald's Headshot

    Amy MacDonald

    Scheduling & Project Controls Lead

    902-429-4100 x 152

  • Matthew Malone's Headshot

    Matthew Malone

    Architectural Team Lead

    902-429-4100 x 120

  • Ashley Mullins's Headshot

    Ashley Mullins

    Technical Lead

    902-429-4100 x 151

  • Dennis Ramsay's Headshot

    Dennis Ramsay

    Healthcare Practice Lead

    902-429-4100 x 114

  • Adam Read's Headshot

    Adam Read

    Healthcare Team Lead

    902-429-4100 x 148

  • Debra Reid's Headshot

    Debra Reid

    Operations Lead

    902-429-4100 x 101

  • Erin Schultz's Headshot

    Erin Schultz

    Interior Design Lead

    902-429-4100 x 149