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Encompassing almost five acres, this project is one of FBM’s and the city’s, most ambitious designs to date. Richmond Yards, a development of Westwood Group, is a mosaic of residential, commercial, and recreational uses against the backdrop of North End Halifax.

Formerly an industrial district composed of warehouses, factories, and train tracks, this ‘superblock’ left a significant area of Halifax’s urban core impenetrable to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Richmond Yards stitches the community back into the grid of the city and reimagines the former industrial spaces in the Midtown North area of the Halifax peninsula to provide new residential and community uses.

Various building types provide dwellings for different households in a central neighbourhood that is walkable, with connections to bike lanes and public transit. Retail, restaurants, and live/work studios also find spaces for small and new businesses to thrive in the development.

Located adjacent to the busiest public transit corridors of the city—North Street, Almon Street, and Robie Street—Richmond Yards aspires to be a destination that facilitates everyday life and events in our city. The project provides much-needed public and green space. King Square forms a multi-purpose plaza framed by retail and restaurants, and Clifton Green creates a pocket park among low-rise housing and studios. Rooftop gardens overlook these spaces, while the permeability of the site encourages walking and cycling connections to adjacent communities.

All buildings are oriented to minimize wind and maximize solar access while providing much-needed housing density. Commercial and retail units on the ground levels of each structure infuse the development with amenities and make this a cultural destination for the whole city.

The development brings back a sense of place to a neglected area of Halifax. The name ‘Richmond Yards’ acknowledges a former, well-established North End community that was home to half the population of the city before the 1917 Halifax Explosion. A section of the building’s “lace” façade remembers the Dominion textile company located close by on Robie Street, while wood and other contemporary materials bring modernity and a sense of prospect and possibility to the development.

Type: Mixed-use Development

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

(w/ WSP Canada)