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Richmond Yards is a mosaic of residential, commercial, and recreational uses against the backdrop of North End Halifax. It stitches the community back into the grid of the city and reimagines former industrial spaces in the North End.

FBM's architecture and planning studios worked together to lead the required community engagement for this scale of development. The planning studio also worked with Halifax Regional Municipality staff and political leaders to forge goals for the development as part of the changing face of North End Halifax. This collaboration led to a close consideration of a future protected cycling route on Almon Street and anticipated rapid transit service on Robie Street.

The project coincided with the Halifax Regional Municipality’s Centre Plan process; accordingly, permitting and approvals reflected both a Development Agreement process and emerging Centre Plan requirements. FBM worked with municipal staff to identify the key built-form elements that support Centre Plan directions, such as the quality of the ground floor and streetwall, and the shape and height of Richmond Yards' building elements.

TYPE: Master Planning, Urban Design, and Community Engagement

LOCATION: Halifax, Nova Scotia