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Oxford Regional Education Centre



The site for the Oxford Regional Education Centre is a plateau sloped to the surrounding wetlands and natural habitats. The landscape forms part of the Oxford trail system and there are views of its three rivers and agricultural lands. The school is built into the slope and acts as a protective wall at the edge of this plateau, forming a south-facing courtyard. By moving the parking and drop-off area to the lower part of the site, this courtyard is free from traffic and provides a play and recreation area overlooking the countryside.

The building has a clear grid that responds to the nuances of topography, the environment and the program. The elevations also work with this grid, varying according to the site, sun orientation and program. The resulting form has rich and diverse spaces with carefully articulated elevations.   

Between the community and classroom spaces, an interconnected lobby provides connectivity between levels. The community area of the school is north of the classroom wing and is easily accessible for after-hours use. The library, administration and student services open into the interconnected lobby to form the heart of the school. The cafeteria, art room, drama room and gymnasium can all be interconnected, creating a very large space that allows for tremendous flexibility in the floor plan.

The building is integrated into the site and takes advantage of many natural features. Working with the topography and making a natural south-facing microclimate provides a welcoming school for students and the community.

Type: Educational

Location: Oxford, Nova Scotia