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NSCC Truro Campus Masterplan

Master Planning


The NSCC Truro Campus Masterplan is a template for their future campus development. The broad vision is to enhance visual and physical connectivity, increase accessibility, and promote environmental stewardship. The traditional quadrangle campus plan is reimagined with a series of multi-purpose bridges that respond to existing pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns. The programs contained within the bridges are flexible in nature transitioning between the public and private spaces that they unite. This meandering design allows students and staff to enjoy study nooks, eating areas, and contemplative spaces. Campus cohesion is also reinforced through the palate of wood, glass, and vegetation. Environmental stewardship manifests in the form of productive roofs, passive ventilation, and renewable energy strategies—securing the prosperity of the campus and promoting the Nova Scotia Community College as a sustainable industry leader. 

Type: Masterplan

Location: Truro, Nova Scotia