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Nine Locks Brewing Company



Nine Locks Brewing Company’s new flagship facility is a seamless integration across FBM’s architectural, interior design, and planning studios. Site design, building systems, and interior finishes interact harmoniously to compliment Nine Locks’ established brand.

The facility is divided into three distinct volumes that each support separate functions. The concrete volume is a robust and durable assembly that houses the brewery and production activities. The black metal volume provides private support space for staff that includes a kitchen, workout area, and washrooms. The glass and wood volume is the public face of the facility that includes the brewery’s taproom and cold beer store on the lower level with offices and a guest room above.

The prominence of wood and concrete finishes in the facility references the materiality of the nearby nine locks that are part of the historic Shubenacadie Canal system.

On warmer days, the retail space opens to the outside to create the atmosphere of an airy, lakeside cottage through which customers can browse Nine Lock’s retail or settle in for a pint.

Nova Scotians have already embraced Nine Locks products and the Dartmouth public will be enthralled with the new facility for its gathering spaces and thoughtful contributions to the local built environment.

Type: Commercial/Industrial

Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia