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This Nova Scotian vacation home is subservient to the landscape—a quiet antidote to everyday life. It offers expansive views and outdoor shelter—a place to relax and connect with the natural rhythms of the land and sea.

Situated on the shore, May House explores prospect and refuge within a modest program. The home choreographs the movement through the site, negotiating the gentle grade from arrival to landscape with all dwelling spaces oriented out to sea. Triple glazed curtainwall and large south-facing overhangs support a passive solar strategy while the untreated torrefied wood boards and stone cladding ensure the long-term durability of the home. These climatic adaptations provide shelter and resilience from the hostile Maritime weather without obstructing access to nature.

Designed through an extensive consultation process with the owners, this home draws inspiration from their European sensibilities—relying on exquisite design and craft—within an understated, quiet, and elegant structure.

The home’s interior is divided into dwelling and utility spaces. A thick band of storage along the entry side of the home conceals all the support spaces while allowing for unobstructed views out to sea. The stone hearth and terrace extend from inside to outside to connect with the landscape and expand the home’s livable areas. Inside or out, owners and guests connect to the beauty of the Nova Scotian landscape.

Type: Residential

Location: Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia