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Marine Drive Academy



Sheet Harbour’s economy is derived primarily from mining, fishing, and forestry industries. This culture is woven into the program of the new P-12 school through the celebration of maker spaces throughout the school. As the school population is bussed from 35 surrounding communities with limited amenities, the school will also function as a central hub for community activities. A series of highly informative visioning sessions with community members, school stakeholders, teachers, staff, and students have enabled the program to develop from generic to specific.

Steep grades, limited space, rock outcroppings, and a struggle for adequate water supply necessitated a terraced approach that follows the topography to create a south facing plateau for play and orients three storeys of learning spaces towards the dramatic ocean views.

The school is planned around three main activity areas that serve both the community and the students: Maker Space, Active Living and Performance Zone, and Community Learning / Library; with creativity and discovery intrinsic to all spaces. The Maker Space is linked both horizontally and vertically to all learning spaces within the school. The main entrance, supervised by the general office, is welcoming and visible from the play and parking areas. The lobby area includes a staircase visible from the front door that centrally links each of the floors close to the cafeteria and has a clear view into the Production space below. The building also serves as a teaching and learning tool by expressing its various structural and mechanical systems. Having physical examples to facilitate a hands-on learning approach is important within this rural community. 

Type: Education
Location: Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia