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Guppy-Smith Residence



Located in Portuguese Cove, this house and workshop is located on a steeply sloping, rocky site overlooking the shipping lanes of the Halifax Harbour. Designed for two professors, the house explores prospect and refuge at the edge of the ocean. The south facing courtyard is the domestic and sheltered forecourt to the house, while the great room offers an uninterrupted view over the sea on three sides. 

Two monopitch roofs, inflected to the ocean and road, quietly frame the entry courtyard while collecting the home’s rainwater for domestic use. The two forms create a south facing garden. A deck links the workshop, and wraps around the house, negotiating the difficult terrain from entry to ocean.  

The corrugated galvanized metal cladding provides a robust and economical skin for the home. The painted metal roof is a suitable surface for collecting roof water, while an underground cistern stores the water. Polished concrete floors add thermal mass for the in-floor hydronic heating system and the passive solar heat gain. Maple cabinets form an intricate storage wall along the north that also houses the fireplace and wood storage. 

Type: Residential

Location: Portugese Cove, Nova Scotia