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Fuller Terrace Live/Work



Located in an eclectic, turn-of-the-century community in North End Halifax, this speculative live/work project reinterprets the urban fabric of the tightly packed, wood frame, row homes. The project understands changing lifestyles and work cultures, with many people needing workspace within their own home and flexible, dignified living arrangements for aging or extended family.

The transparent ground floor invites people in and through to the rear courtyard. The back ‘garage’ is a workshop, but is designed to become a future carriage house as land use by-laws evolve. Across the garden courtyard, the spaces interact and form an outdoor work/play area.

Conceived as two clearly defined wooden boxes that intersect, the form responds to both the street and the program. Birch cabinets, cedar soffits, and solid birch stairs quietly contrast white gypsum walls, stainless steel counters, and polished concrete floors, which provide the thermal mass for the in-floor heating system. The exterior cladding is a tight skin of eastern cedar shingles with woven corners. Clear and black stain emphasizes the form.

Although modern, this home maintains the setback and the rhythm of the street. The elegance and economy of the side-hall plan and the simple vernacular language resonates with the neighborhood while motivating change in Halifax’s dated land use by-laws to encourage density, community, and livability.

TYPE: Residential; Design-Build by Susan Fitzgerald Architecture & Brainard Fitzgerald Development

LOCATION: Halifax, Nova Scotia