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DND Projects



Fowler Bauld & Mitchell has designed a variety of industrial buildings, including storage and maintenance facilities for the Department of National Defense. These facilities are located across Canada. Responding to the particularities of site and context these projects are a variation on a prototype.  There is an emphasis on providing natural daylight to improve the working experience of each facility.

The four armoured vehicle storage facilities are located in: Gagetown, New Brunswick; Valcartier, Quebec; Petawawa, Ontario and Wainwright, Alberta. Each storage facility has a building footprint of roughly 8,000 square meters. Both Petawawa and Valcartier employ a modular design that is economical and allows for expansion of the building. Both facilities include office space, meeting rooms and a south-facing solar air heating system that passively warms air before it is distributed throughout the building. Although the Gagetown facility is slightly different from Petawawa and Valcartier in its programmatic requirements, it remains very much part of the prototypical family. All three facilities are designed to LEED Silver requirements.

The submarine maintenance facility at CFB Halifax in Halifax Nova Scotia is a tall, clear span structure for housing Victoria class submarines. The building includes elevated service mezzanines, perimeter offices and support facilities, a large hangar-style door and two overhead cranes (10- and 25-ton). A translucent clerestory wraps the building to provide natural daylighting for the maintenance crews during working hours.

These cost-effective and efficient buildings create highly functional work environments and storage facilities whilst embracing human endeavor.