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Deloitte’s Halifax office occupies the top two floors of the new Queen’s Marque building on the Halifax Waterfront. More than 21,000-square-feet of space in this culturally evocative building reflects Deloitte’s aspirations to heighten client hospitality and to provide an active workspace and connected experience for their staff

FBM designed the space under the Deloitte Orbis Workplace Strategy to embrace highly flexible work settings. Spaces that embrace sharing and learning and wellness facilities also find a home in this reimagined office. The full-service café/bistro ensures staff have an informal setting to meet over lunch or a snack. The space is further enhanced by accessibility features that will enable it to achieve a Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ rating.

The office is located at the axis of George Street and Lower Water Street in the centre of Halifax’s downtown core and features a public gathering point at the water’s edge. The building and office are rooted in local culture. Deloitte’s atmosphere strives to be engaging and personalized, mixing the FBM interior design studio’s vision with a space and voice for local art—a large-scale mural in the office’s café, by local illustrator Emma Fitzgerald, depicts the Halifax skyline, making the office for this global company space of the community.

TYPE: Commercial

LOCATION: Halifax, Nova Scotia

SIZE: 21,000 sqft