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CBCL Limited



CBCL Limited provides professional consulting engineering and environmental services in the Municipal Services, Water & Wastewater, Buildings, Industry & Manufacturing, Energy & Power, Oil & Gas, Marine, Transportation & Bridges and Environment & Planning sectors. 

FBM’s interior design team worked closely with CBCL to design their new 50,000 square feet workplace into a vibrant and integrated office space. The new environment takes into account CBCL’s modern day practices which support the creation of a space that allows for their staff, consultants and clients to focus, collaborate, and socialize. Drawing from this collaborative approach, and using the extensive data gathered in the early planning stage, FBM designed an open plan office allowing for less formal meetings in a setting that invited more idea-sharing and collective decision-making.

To facilitate this vision, FBM used group seating options and specific furniture placed in open areas allowing for greater flow-through to facilitate unscripted interaction. FBM also reinvented the reception area from a space solely to wait, into an active space to greet, meet and gather to experience first-hand CBCL’s hospitality. Key design elements reflected in throughout CBCL’s new workplace include; community spaces, a variety of flexible work areas with an emphasis on workplace performance, access to daylight and wellness, all with the aim to help facilitate talent attraction and retention. 

Type: Commercial

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia