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910 Bedford Highway



910 Bedford Highway, at the intersection of the highway and Moirs Mill Road, occupies a prominent site with views of the Bedford Basin. Working with the dramatic topography, this commercial and residential building is built into the site and grows out of its context to form a sustainable, terraced architecture with gardens and decks overlooking the ocean. The commercial side of the building faces Bedford Highway, while the residential portion is accessible from a landscaped courtyard.

The design carefully integrates structural, electrical and mechanical systems, enabling this highly site-specific architecture to be sustainable, durable and elegant, as well as affordable and efficient. 

The sculptural roof projects out to sea while carefully integrating a south-facing solar hot water heating system and rainwater collection system for the flushing of toilets. All other roofscapes are landscaped to introduce sustainable and delightful green spaces to the site, and to lower the heat island effect in Bedford.

910 Bedford Highway encourages an inclusive urbanism where residents can both live and work in a community while reducing their reliance on automobiles. Multi-level gardens cascade down the building for the enjoyment of the occupants and their neighbours, resonating with this leafy suburb while infusing it with urban energy.

Type: Residential

Location: Bedford, Nova Scotia