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Reimagining the North End streetscape

The street planters along Halifax’s vibrant Gottingen Street underwent a renaissance this summer thanks to a place-making and community partnership initiative.

FBM and RadStorm partnered to design simple, elegant slat seating that supports formal and informal activities around the art collective’s headquarters. Investigations of the daily rhythms of the sidewalk informed an approach to the planters’ updated design. Accessible seats and tables facilitate engagement between artists and the public year-round.

Screen print designs by InkStorm Screen Printing Collective (part of RadStorm) portray the people, space, and instruments that shape RadStorm while the layering of the images represents people and art coexisting within the area. The bench serves to bring the community’s stories to the built environment.

The collaboration is funded by the North End Business Association, the Nova Scotia Business and Labour Economic Coalition, and Develop Nova Scotia.