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Canadian Architect Award of Merit

The future home of FBM's design studio is an experiment in mixed-use and materials. It is comprised of a three-storey open work plan, a courtyard, residential space, and a rooftop garden and upholds our values of sustainability, collaboration, and socialization. It is also shaped by a key component of the post-pandemic office—flexibility. Breakout spaces, private areas, and indoor and outdoor gathering spots balance privacy, teamwork, and serendipitous meeting.

Framed by mass timber, the studio is also a rare study of wood assemblies in Atlantic Canada, including their relationship to a reduced carbon footprint, shorter construction schedule, and occupant wellness. It reconnects to nature through the wood palette as well as by a rooftop garden for use by tenants and the community.

Of 213 professional and student submissions received for this year’s awards program, the jury selected five projects for the Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence and six projects, including Cunard Street Live/Work/Grow, for the Awards of Merit. Both standing out and fitting in, our new office aims to serve as an example of the possibilities for future projects in Atlantic Canada.