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Hunt Joins FBM as New Planning Lead

FBM is pleased to announce the hiring of Kieron Hunt as the new Planning Lead for FBM’s Planning Studio.

Hunt joins the firm following an 18-year career in Vancouver, BC where he held roles as President at Key Planning Strategies, Director of Canadian Operations for North American firm Cushing Terrell Architecture/CTA Architects Engineers, Vice President at MXD Development Strategists and Principal at Thomas Consultants.

“I firmly believe in the golden rule that you treat people the way you wish to be treated,” says Hunt. “Any personal and professional success I have achieved has been built through transparent and honest relationships with clients and colleagues premised on strong collaborative teamwork and exceeding client expectations. My belief is emblematic of FBM’s mantra of People Driven Design.”

Having lived in and worked out of Vancouver and witnessing the considerable growth in Vancouver over the past two decades, combined with a global portfolio of projects, Kieron brings a fresh perspective to Atlantic Canada and will provide valuable experience into the complexities and issues cities and towns will face in the future.

“Kieron has an exceptionally unique planning skill-set that include expertise in market analysis, urban design, main street and downtown planning, commercial development strategies, economic development and public engagement,” said George Cotaras, President and Partner with FBM. “He has a vast depth of experience in working with smaller urban markets and rural communities, which we of course boast in Atlantic Canada. He appreciates the significant role that planning plays in balancing the need to alleviate concerns of the community with achieving objectives for economic and social sustainability.”

Hunt sees a bright future for Halifax as one of Canada’s top metropolitan regions for quality of life and cost of living, but emphasizes that planning, design, engineering and development must be on the same page to ensure that growth is managed with realistic expectations.

“At the same time Halifax is experiencing new economic growth, smaller rural communities which are the lifeblood to Atlantic Canada, must also work to establish innovative and feasible conditions for growth that provide equal opportunities for all,” said Hunt. “Throughout Canada, people are rediscovering the economic and social value of small towns and main streets for living, working and supporting local business.”

In addition to being a frequent industry presenter and participant, Kieron currently serves as the National Co-Chair for the International Council of Shopping Centers’ P3Retail program whose mission is to pave the way for sustainable retail development to help improve the quality of life in local communities.