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Happy Retirement, Wayne!

Last month, our team held a “farewell for now” event (definitely not a goodbye!) for Wayne Duncan a Partner at FBM retiring after close to 40 years with the firm.

Wayne first started at FBM in the spring of 1980, after the completion of his studies at Dalhousie’s School of Architecture, and over the years has developed a reputation for not only his exceptional design talent, but his integrity and character.

No matter the project, Wayne was constant and steady, level-headed and detail-focused. FBM’s president George Cotaras recalls that back in architecture school, which he attended alongside Wayne, while the rest of the class was pulling all-nighters to complete design projects, Wayne would have been diligently tackling his work the entire time, often finishing a day or more before the deadline – only to enjoy watching the others sweat it out.

On a personal level, Wayne became a trusted senior leader at FBM, dependable, caring and a natural mentor to the newer staff members just starting out.

Considering he was also the team member responsible for purchasing lottery tickets and disclosing any wins – his peers also found him to be fairly honest as well.

Wayne was the first one in the firm to use an early form of CAD, and established FBM’s first set of CAD standards and protocols.

In short, he became a pillar at FBM, with accomplishments far too long to list, leaving his mark on many, many projects.

As Wayne embarks on his well-deserved retirement, we wish him and his partner Bill lots of happiness, an endless amount of travel adventures and of course, quality time with the cats.

We are going to miss you, Wayne; in so many ways. 

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