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FBM’s Dennis Ramsay's Expertise in Health Care Architecture continues with EDAC Distinction

Dennis Ramsay, FBM’s Health Care Lead, has been awarded the Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC), making him only the second architect in Atlantic Canada to receive such accreditation.

The EDAC program was created to develop a community of accredited industry professionals through education and assessment of an evidence-based design process. EDAC is a tool that empowers all design professionals to improve health care outcomes by harnessing the potential of the built environment. 

“I think what we are witnessing right now in Nova Scotia is a catalyst for change when it comes to delivering high-quality health care,” said Ramsay. “When we think about health care delivery, we quite naturally tend to focus on the professionals and the necessary treatments; but what can’t be overlooked is the need to create health care environments that prioritize the wellbeing of not only the patients, but also those who are caring for them.”

The EDAC program believes in the following pillars:

  • Patients should be able to devote their energies to getting well without having to fight their environments;
  • Doctors, nurses, and staff should be able to go to work every day without worrying about getting sick or injured because of the design of the environment; and
  • Sustainable buildings using evidence-based designs can improve the quality of care, save lives, provide more cost effective health care and create a healthy planet.

(Source: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Design: Exploring Healthcare and Design, The Centre for Health Design)

“’People driven design’ has become the mantra we live by at FBM; this goes for any residential, commercial or industrial facility we develop,” said George Cotaras, President and Partner at FBM. “That said we are well aware that our clients deserve more than simply good intentions, which is why Dennis’ completion of the EDAC allows us to practice our “people driven design” with evidence-based practicalities.”

Dennis joined FBM in October 2018 in order to focus on the emerging opportunities in health care infrastructure renewal within the Province.