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Shaping the Cogswell Experience: Public Engagement and Design Charrette to inform the final design for the Cogswell District

In August to September 2018, FBM facilitated a robust engagement process to produce design feedback on bringing the 60% Design for the Cogswell District to the 90% or Final Design stage. This work was done in concert with the Cogswell Redevelopment Project team at Halifax Regional Municipality and the WSP design team.

Feedback was achieved through focus-group meetings, the Shape Your City Halifax website, pop-ups, site tour, design charrette, and an expo. In total, we had over 1,500 interactions. To facilitate the discussion, FBM produced and delivered a physical model, video, online survey, information boards, precedent studies, presentations, and charrette exercises.

Engagement focused on two topics: public spaces and urban design rules for new buildings. Design sessions were attended by local residents and members of the architecture, design, development, business, non-profit, academic and historical communities.

Overwhelmingly, those we engaged were excited about the opportunity the project represents to create a unique place in the city from the ground up. This place should be uniquely Halifax, and link the streets, character and energies of the Downtown, the North End and the waterfront.

Images by FBM & Zane Woodward