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FBM Launches New Planning Division

FBM is starting its second century by adding a planning division to their architecture and interior design practice with the arrival of Jeffry Haggett.

Haggett, an urban planner and designer, joins FBM as its Planning Lead and brings with him an expertise and a passion for working strategically to help companies and communities realize their development aspirations and goals.

“FBM is a perfect fit for me personally and professionally,” said Haggett. “The firm’s guiding principle of people driven design is a value I adhere to in my approach. When looking at a project, I look at the surrounding context, activity, the space and the details that make it special.”

A shortened list of Jeffry’s projects includes creative city research with Dalhousie, managing the engagement for Halifax’s new branding, getting planning approvals for the successful Southport on Barrington and most recently Governor’s Plaza at the Brewery Market, and with the City of Calgary creating processes to support infill development.

Haggett notes that there are several disruptive innovations taking place in the design industry – both in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

Haggett recognizes pending smart-city innovations are going to impact an architect’s or designer’s approach, “How we work, how we shop and how we move is all changing – the design of our buildings must be able to evolve with how people wish to use them. This shift is being embraced in other regions, and FBM is ready to embrace it as well. Also, in the near future, Halifax will have new development regulations established by Council – these and other changes, though sometimes difficult, will present opportunities.”

George Cotaras, President and Partner at FBM, says that the firm is well-positioned to expand into the field of planning to compliment FBM’s other services. “This is a natural extension to the type of services we have been providing our clients for the past 100 years,” said Cotaras. “We are committed to looking ahead for our clients, making sure we are evolving with the times and bringing in the talent to ensure our clients are successful in the evolving context of development and design.”