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FBM Represented at Autodesk University Convention in Las Vegas

Last month, our colleague Carl Hicks, BIM Manager, had the opportunity to attend the Autodesk University Convention in Las Vegas.

Autodesk University provides an, “opportunity for over 10,000 professionals from the architecture, design, manufacturing and media industries to come together for three days of learning, inspiration and in-depth skills development.”

In exchange for our willingness to send Carl off to Las Vegas for a few days, we wanted proof he actually attended the Conference (kidding...sort of).

Located at the Sands Expo facility, the Conference offered classes in both lecture and lab format. The opening keynote address was from the Autodesk CEO, Andrew Anagnost, and Carl describes it as, “quite the show”, and we’ve shared some of his images of the keynote with this post.

At its core, Autodesk is a software company about “making things”. Carl shares that his highlight of the trip was attending a seminar with the author, Tom Wujec, where he shared wisdom from his book, “The Future of Making”  with attendees receiving an autographed copy of the book.